Ozzie Smith, Kat Graham and Pizza Hut Surprise Bland with Flavor of Now

BLAND, MO (November 15th, 2014) -  St. Louis Cardinals legend Ozzie Smith and “Vampire Diaries” actress, Kat Graham teamed up with Pizza Hut to surprise the town of Bland, MO as part of the company’s “Flavor of Now” menu launch with a first-ever Fall Ball Tournament.

Synergy and Olson partnered together to bring the #FlavorOfNow tour to Bland which Pizza Hut chose as one of the towns to kick off its new menu, food and styles to prove its new pizzas are anything but "Bland." A massive mobile pizza kitchen served as the ultimate concession stand as individuals sampled the new menu, received autographs and cheered on their favorite local teams.

Untitled-1.jpgGraham sang the national anthem before girls from the Tri-County Softball League started their game. "You know I never thought I'd get emotional singing the national anthem," Graham said. "When I act, it always has to be emotional; it has to come from someplace. I was really wondering what I was going to feel when I was out there, and then having all the young kids out there from Bland, Missouri singing it back to me was such an awesome feeling."

Former Cardinal Shortstop Hall-of-Famer Ozzie Smith threw the out the first pitch. "You know as a baseball player, it's always been wonderful to go into the small towns, especially in St. Louis where you have such great fans. Pizza Hut has done a great job of introducing their flavors here in a little town called, of all places, Bland, Missouri!" Smith said. 

Pizza Hut also donated $10,000 to the Bland city council to help with the Bland Park Renovation Project which will help improve the facilities for new bleachers and dugouts.

Check out a video from the event here!