A PR Stunt for the Ages: Building a 30-Foot M&M'S® in New York City

This timelapse video shows how Synergy Events built a 30-foot M&M'S® on June 2 in New York City's Herald Square.


This was one of my favorite events in recent memory for a number of reasons:


1. Even in New York City where experiential events like this are much more common, a 30-foot M&M'S® still "wowed" consumers.

2. The M&M'S® brand is iconic and the structure alone, which doubled as a concert venue, drew a big crowd. As the show was set to begin, the M&M'S® opened at its equator to reveal a stage.

3. Star Power: the top 10 finalists from this season's American Idol performed a free concert on that stage.... inside the M&M'S®!

4. Surprise and Delight: not only did consumers get to take in a free concert, they received free packages of the new M&M'S® Pretzel Chocolate Candies (they are awesome, by the way!).

5. A special thanks goes out to our group of terrific, enthusiastic brand ambassadors who distributed the candies around Herald Square for the event.

6. Experiential events can be fairly simple or extremely complicated. This structure required engineering certification and time to carefully plan and execute. Kudos to our operations team for a job well done!

Posted by Keith Green on Wed, Jul 07, 2010