Flavor of Now: Pizza Hut® Rolls Out Biggest Brand Evolution Ever

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (November 10th, 2014) – On Monday, Synergy and Olson partnered together to create a media event for Pizza Hut's rebrand which included the unveiling of its new menu, "Flavor of Now"  at Location05 in New York City. Pizza Hut NYC
 “Pizza Hut has been defining what’s possible with pizza since 1958 and our newest changes are the most significant we have made in our history as we once again look to take the entire category to another level,” said David Gibbs, CEO, Pizza Hut. “We are radically reinventing the pizza category with a menu transformation that more than doubles our amount of ingredients and flavors, a world-class digital ordering experience and an entirely new look and feel to our brand, all the way down to our uniforms.”

Available nationwide Wednesday, November 19th, the new menu-dubbed the “Flavor of Now”- will feature all the Pizza Hut classics that fans love, but transform what consumers will come to expect from pizza with bolder flavors and nearly infinite possibilities (more than 2 billion) to customize.

The Flavor of Now menu includes 10 new crust flavors like Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel and Ginger Boom Boom, six signature sauces like Buffalo and Premium Crushed Tomato, and premium ingredients like Peruvian Cherry Peppers, Classic Meatball, Fresh Spinach as well as delicious drizzles like Balsamic.

“We know that American tastes and preferences are evolving, and this new menu is designed to completely wow them,” said Pizza Hut Global Executive Chef Wiley Bates, III. “While some customers will be finding ways to bring flavors to the pizzas they’ve fallen in love with, others may be trying them for the first time. And, with so many options, there’s definitely something for everyone.”

Along with the new menu items and flavors, Pizza Hut has also created a more visual and interactive online ordering platform for its consumers with its redesigned, digital experience which will be available both in English and Spanish as well.

Pizza Hut will look different too, as the iconic red roof logo has been contemporized, along with delivery boxes, cups and even employee uniforms.

For more information about Pizza Hut’s brand evolution and the latest menu items and flavors please visit their website at