The 2010 got milk? Mustache Mobile Tour

got milk? Mustache Mobile Tour

Today was the (very unofficial) kickoff to the 2010 got milk? Milk Mustache Mobile Tour, as our six travel managers that will run the iconic program from the road met at Synergy's headquarters in Ocean, NJ.


It was fun to watch the group get to know each other, as today marked the first day of the group's two week training program before they hit the road later this month to take the got milk? message to more than 75 markets.


Part of the day's activities included team building exercises to build trust within each two-man travel team, since each group will be together literally every day for more than six months.  


Pictured above are Sean (second from left) and Willis who will make up the west team, as they go through a team building exercise. No doubt, they are looking forward to spreading the message in the warmer western climate about the health benefits of milk!


Congratulations as well to Justin and Isaiah (east region) and Jon and Brent (central region) who will make up the other two travel teams.  It's great to have all of you as part of the 2010 tour, so welcome aboard!